Highlights from the Blog - Get on the Other Side of my Camera!

How to Make my Fine Art Calendar Prettiful!

Every year I give away a digital copy of my fine art calendar that you can print at home. Not only that, but I also show you how to bind it and get it ready to hang! Download it for free and get to work ;-)

How Did I Make this Photo?

Go behind the scenes of my first ever digital manipulation! Ok, well it’s not my first ever digital enhancement, but this is two images put together and I actually decided to keep it that way. (It includes nerdy details for you Photoshop junkies out there too!)

Your Captions + My Outakes = 13 Minutes of Pure Entertainment

13 silly pet photo outtakes that you captioned last year. Some will make you cackle and some will make you awwwww out loud, but all of them will probably amuse you in some way. Take a looksie!