An example of a custom wall design.

An example of a custom wall design.

Do you have bare walls that need beautifying? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of sorting through hundreds of pieces of art? Are you afraid of making an investment in the wrong art for your home?

Let me take the guesswork out of art shopping and give you the chance to try my art on for free! 

I wouldn’t buy new clothes before trying them on, so I’d never expect you to  buy my art without trying it on your walls first. I will create a custom design for your wall totally free of charge and you can preview it before you make the decision to buy.


Let’s Get Started!

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How to Make my Fine Art Calendar Prettiful!

Every year I give away a digital copy of my fine art calendar that you can print at home. Not only that, but I also show you how to bind it and get it ready to hang! Download it for free and get to work ;-)

Beautiful Decay

This is post #32 in my photo & 100 words project. Sometimes the subject of my photo eludes me. This beautiful leaf was my background until I discovered how fragile and intricate a leaf really is. Click through to see the beautiful colors I found in the same leaf a couple of days later.

I Want to Share Your Rescue Stories!

If your pets are adopted or you are involved in the rescue scene somehow, I’m sure you have more than a few stories to tell. Check out the submission guidelines and send me your story today! And thank you for rescuing =)